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Every child in our private Swim Schools based in central Cambridgeshire and Northstowe, is taught in a safe, supported environment surrounded by caring, qualified teachers. Your child will have the confidence to learn the skills they need through our fun, tailored and small group lessons to ensure swimmers make as much progress as possible.

To allow for continuous progression and development our hydrotherapy pool is open for 48 weeks of the year with a month closure during the Christmas break.
Your child’s progress is monitored and assessed at regular stages throughout the year to ensure they reach their potential. Our online portal and App allows you to view their progress at any time. Lessons are weekly and are 30 minutes long. We follow the 7 stage system supported by swim England where the children will be awarded on completion of each stage – To ensure your child starts their aquatic journey in the correct stage of the swim scheme – please see the stages descriptions below.

Swim Stages

Please contact us on 07956 674890 to enquire for suitability

18 Months – 3 Years (Adult required in the pool) An introduction to the world of swimming building confidence and enjoyment in the water.
Activities include: Safe entries/Exits/Rolling/Kicking/Floating

4+ years
A class suitable for non-swimmers with little water experience. Pupils will develop water safety awareness, water confidence working with aids to develop kicking skills, blowing bubbles, with encouragement to put faces into the water.

Suitable for those that have passed Stage 1. Student is required to be water confident, happy to put face in the water and attempt to swim. Pupils will continue to develop so they can; swim on their front & back for at least 5 metres (without floatation aids eg no armbands/woggle), jump in unaided (1m), float unaided, and rotate and regain upright positions.


Students will be required to pass Stage 2. Pupils must be able to swim 10 metres front and back. This class will introduce simultaneous kicking, push and glides, water safety knowledge submersion.

For students that have passed Stage 3. Pupils will develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking for all four strokes. They will be taught to kick 10 metres to a given standard as per Swim England, and introduced to sculling skills.

For those that have passed Stage 4.
Pupils will be taught to swim 10 metres of all four strokes to the standard directed by Swim England, improve sculling skills, treading water, rotations, and handstands.

For students that have passed Stage 5.
Pupils will refine the four strokes with correct breathing, how to prepare for exercise, aquatic safety introducing surface dives and swim with clothes on.


For those that have passed Stage 6.
This is the final stage before pupils can choose the next swim developmental journey. All four strokes need to be swum for a distance of 25 metres. A 100 metre swim with 3 different strokes will be expected (Front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke) with a focus on increasing stamina.


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For further enquires please contact us on 07956674890 or limitlesssportactivities@gmail.com