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Here at Limitless we have raised the bar by offering the most varied range of activities around!

Our history

Initially we decided to offer our Limitless Camps to children aged 4-14 during the school holidays. With myself being a schoolteacher for 8 years and working with children between 4-17 for over 14 years it was very evident that they need stimulation by being able to engage with lots of different activities rather than being put in a setting where it is very structured and predominantly the same thing most of the day, especially if this for multiple days at a time- not forgetting that it is meant to be their holidays.


This is when I came up with Limitless, we offer a unique experience, in that every day is different, in fact every hour is! In order to do this we work within the local community to get highly qualified and experienced professionals in their field to deliver their trade.


We have managed to maintain a quality service ensuring all attendees get to have a fun and enjoyable day but also to do things they wouldn’t usually get to do day to day, we encourage everyone to have a go at everything, however, if it’s really not for them- not a problem there is always 4, 5 sometimes 6 other activities going on at the same time.


In the last year (2021) since we officially opened after the pandemic we have gone from strength to strength. From continually selling out at our original location in St Ives we have been fortunate enough to expand and are now in Cambridge, Peterborough and Alconbury.


We are now able to offer customized Parties and events as well as working with the community and schools as well having a partnership with the county council where we take pride in being able to offer no cost places including a meal to those children who are in receipt of free school meals (HAF programme).

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Our community

Whether we are delivering Animal experiences, Sports and games, Giant inflatables or Baking and Caking to name just a few, we will look forward to welcoming you again or for the first time hopefully in the very near future.  As always we welcome feedback.


Matt Lee


Limitless Sports and Activities

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